Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Blaine

Taking care of you during your pregnancy.

Many changes occur in your body when you get pregnant. Your baby will put a considerable amount of stress on your joints as he or she continues to increase in size. To compensate, many expectant mothers begin to lean back, increasing the curve of the lower back and putting more stress on the spine. To compensate for these changes, the upper spine begins to curve more as well.

Another thing which is often overlooked, but which can have quite noticeable effects, is a hormone known as Relaxin. Relaxin increases during pregnancy because it prepares your body for childbirth. It literally relaxes the ligaments in the pelvic region…which is why so many expectant mothers experience low back pain.

Is it any wonder pregnancy is often such a painful experience? Fortunately, chiropractic care can help.

Can prenatal chiropractic care help alleviate pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, chiropractic adjustments can help with quite a few symptoms.

For example, by working to detect imbalances in the pelvis and elsewhere in your body we can alleviate pain. We also ensure your nervous system is free from interference throughout your pregnancy, which alleviates stress both on you and your baby.

Pelvic misalignment can also cause nausea and heartburn, which means that chiropractic adjustments can be a good way to put an end to morning sickness.

Can prenatal chiropractic care make labor any easier?

In most cases, yes! It’s just common sense…if your pelvis is aligned properly and isn’t constricted because it’s in the wrong position then you could expect to enjoy a shorter, easier labor. Your uterus won’t be as constricted as it would have been without chiropractic care, so there’s more space for the baby to move into the proper position.

In fact, chiropractic care can help prevent complications in the delivery room by making it easier for the baby to get into the proper position, preventing a breech or posterior position in uteri.

In short, prenatal chiropractic care isn’t just good for you, it can be good for your baby, too.

Is prenatal chiropractic care safe for my baby?

Yes. We use safe, gentle adjustments to help you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. This is a drug-free, non-invasive way to ensure an easier pregnancy. By eliminating interferences within your nervous system we ensure that your body’s natural ability to heal and stay strong is activated, supporting both you, and your baby.

What about postnatal chiropractic care?

The process of giving birth places exceptional stress on a new mother’s physiology. Returning your pelvis and lower back to a pre-delivery state of alignment is essential in helping you return to normal. These adjustments can be a great alternative to pain medications. They can help you address lower back pain as well as any radiating symptoms which develop in your legs before and after delivery.

Many don’t realize just how beneficial these adjustments can be. Up to eight weeks after labor and delivery all of the changes to your spinal alignment and ligament tension are going to begin to tighten up. That means you could be in for some serious long-term discomfort unless these issues are addressed very quickly.

Get help with the long-term effects of pregnancy by seeking chiropractic care today.

Call Elevated Health Center to make an appointment and discuss your options before, during, and after your pregnancy. We’re here to make your pregnancy experience as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

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