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Often, chiropractic care is associated solely with adults. However, children face many of the same lifestyle and environmental hazards as adults do: long hours sitting, heavy computer or smartphone use resulting in a head-forward posture, and stress. Any of these can leave a child vulnerable to spinal misalignment and resulting subluxations.

So what is a subluxation? Let’s back up. Your child’s brain is considered the “master controller” of their body. If there is interference between the master controller and its destination, the brain cannot effectively control. That interference, is what is called a subluxation.

Often, even infants need chiropractic care. The birthing process itself isn’t as easy as we like to make it seem. The birth process itself has significant impact on your child’s spine, particularly if the birth process was difficult in any way. These early subluxations can lead to chronic responses by your child’s body Even learning how to walk comes with plenty of falls and mishaps which can lead to issues in the future.

What kinds of issues can pediatric chiropractic care address?

Chiropractic care is a helpful way to address many common childhood ailments, including:

Chiropractic care can help with many other common ailments as well.

Bringing your child in for regular adjustments can result in fewer missed school days, increased energy, and an increased ability to concentrate. In many cases, chiropractic care has helped children with ADHD and autism, address behavioral issues or make better grades, all without utilizing medications with multiple side-effects.

Remember, the nervous system effects every area of the body, every muscle, tissue, organ and cell. When spinal subluxations exist, it causes the nervous system to function abnormally. It’s not very difficult to imagine how subluxations can cause a host of ailments that have nothing at all to do with “the back.”

Can pediatric care by a chiropractor really cure these conditions?

Simple answer. No. Our current health care system follows an allopathic model of care. In this system, for every symptom that your child has, you as a parent are supposed to do all in your power to suppress it. Ear infection? Go see your pediatrician. Fever? Take something to suppress the fever? Coughing? Take an anti-cough medication, etc.

You see, our definition of health has been handed to us through media, and that is, the absence of symptoms. The approach to health of a chiropractor is different. It’s not necessarily about symptom suppression, but rather ensuring that your child’s brain can effectively and efficiently heal his/her body.

Our duty is to find and eliminate these causes of nerve interference, which in turn will allow the brain to communicate effectively with its target. An effectively run and interference-free nervous system can self-regulate and self-heal. Our job is not to mask the symptoms at the surface, but to eliminate the cause so it is truly taken care of without the unwanted side effects. So, no, we can’t cure these conditions.

I’d never tell you not to go see your regular family doctor to get antibiotics and ear drops if your infant is, say, suffering from an active ear infection right at this very moment. Pediatric chiropractic care should be used in conjunction with your regular care, and when your child is already suffering it’s best to alleviate that suffering as quickly as possible.

I can tell you that keeping your infant’s spine in the proper alignment is likely to prevent him or her from having to live with painful ear infections in the future. My services can help reduce trips to the doctor, or even eventually eliminate the need for them as your child begins to enjoy optimal spinal health.

Is children’s chiropractic safe?

Many parents look a little horrified when I suggest their infant could benefit from my services just as they do. They remember the dramatic crack they hear as I adjust their own spines. The sound is frightening, and some adult backs require a large amount of force for the adjustment to occur. Adjustments can look and feel almost violent for some adult patients.

Fortunately, I don’t need to exert nearly as much pressure on a child or an infant’s spine as I would on an adult’s spine. A developing skeletal system offers a lot of wonderful elasticity which allows me to be far more gentle. They may hear little pops or soft cracking noises as I work, but the sound and the fury isn’t quite as dramatic. And, of course, once I’m done, the overwhelming sensation most children feel is relief, not pain.

When should I schedule my child’s first chiropractic appointment?

Ideally, you’d bring your baby to me just a few days after you bring him or her home from the hospital.

Even normal births can cause a great deal of spinal trauma. If there were any complications, you can be certain that there is some spinal trauma happening. Sometimes this trauma causes immediate (and unpleasant) symptoms like colic, but these health effects can also go undetected for some time. Eventually, they radiate through your child’s body, causing general ill health and many of the problems listed above.

Of course, you may only be reading this particular website many years after you give birth to your children. Don’t assume that it’s too late for me to see your school-aged kids. It is never too late to address the health of your child’s nervous system. As compressed nerves find relief, many conditions will correct themselves naturally, without drugs or side effects.

How often will my children need to visit after their initial appointment?

Every child is different. Good news though—most kids respond to chiropractic care relatively quickly. They usually don’t need as many follow-up visits as adults do.

I’ll create an individual chiropractic care plan for your child after the initial visit. Furthermore, I’ll also teach your kids a little bit about posture, as well as some stretching exercises they can do in order to keep their spines healthy and strong. Younger children are especially taken with these exercises, and many parents find it easy to encourage kids to incorporate them into their daily routines.

If you can teach your kids early and create good habits now, they should experience fewer health problems and a reduced need for adjustments as they age.

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