Insurance & Payment Options

What You Need to Know About Insurance & Payment Options at Elevated Health Center

What’s stopping you from playing a proactive role in your own healthcare? Is it because you are worried about finances? More specifically, is it because you are concerned about what your insurance provider will and will not cover when it comes to chiropractic care?

While it’s definitely important to watch your pocketbook we find many patients vastly misunderstand the role insurance can and should be playing in their health.

Insurance Providers — Do They Have Your Best Interest at Heart?

Remember, Health Insurance providers are running a business, and they’re not really in “the business” of paying for every aspect of your health care. They are “in the business” of collecting premiums. They sell “risk mitigation.” That is, you take a risk by paying them a certain amount every month. You’re risking that you might not really need much healthcare. They take the risk that the amount of money they’ll have to pay out should something happen to you is going to be less than the amount of money you pay them.

So when people say “I only want you to treat what my insurance will cover,” we cringe a little bit, because we know insurance providers will often use all sorts of bureaucratic tricks to avoid paying for…well…anything. And in reality, many of our patients need the low-cost care we can provide them today to avoid far more expensive surgeries or treatments later.

Car Insurance Does Not Pay for Oil Changes

This is an analogy we like making. You buy car insurance to protect you in the event that you have a crash. Car insurance does not step in every time your car breaks down. And they certainly don’t pay for routine care.

But you still go ahead and pay out of pocket for oil changes, tire rotations, and gas fill-ups. You’d like the car to keep moving, and to an extent you know some of these tasks will prevent your car from crashing later. After all, nobody wants to suffer from a blow-out while travelling down the Interstate at 90 mph.

You certainly don’t bother consulting Geico or whoever provides your car insurance before you go and get that oil change.

“Okay,” you say, “but healthcare is really expensive, and I need to know what my options are at Elevated Health before I go ahead and make an appointment.

Fair enough, so let’s talk about that.

First, we want to convey that we’ve structured our prices specifically to make them as affordable as possible. We care for many families from all walks of life who have vastly different budgets but who have all chosen to make their health a priority.

And yes, we do accept insurance. After all, most insurance plans do, at least on some level, cover at least some portion of your chiropractic care. And we are happy to check into your coverage and explain your benefits to you before we do anything. This will help you plan so you can make the appropriate adjustments in your budget.

But we don’t make insurance our end-all, be-all, and that’s actually good news. Because if your insurance won’t cover something, we’re happy to work with you. We’re happy to see patients who are not insured. And believe it or not, the custom plans that we put together for our patients actually save them more money than their insurance plan does. Our plans are designed to make chiropractic care extremely reasonable for the entire family.

Meanwhile, our services are just like those tire rotations and oil changes–a way to prevent you from having a major, expensive health “crash” later on.

So what’s the bottom line here? Be proactive, because your health is too valuable to allow a for-profit health insurance plan to determine your care.