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Stress and Your Overall Health

stress-catWhen you’re getting chased by a bear (or whatever scary animal of your choosing for this example), a lot is happening within your body. Your heart starts to beat faster, you start to sweat, your mouth becomes dry, your pupils even start to dilate. Essentially what your body is doing is getting ready to run and get out. The body starts rushing blood to your vital organs and necessary muscles so that they are running efficiently and effectively as you run through the woods, away from this animal. All these changes are controlled by something called your sympathetic nervous system. Since your body doesn’t need to rest or digest any food while you are hopping over logs and clambering up trees, a system called your parasympathetic nervous system is shifted into low gear.

So, what is stress? To be clear, there is not a specific definition that fully encapsulates it. However, we certainly know the symptoms of stress: headaches, nervousness, anxiety, increased or decreased appetite, lack of focus, memory problems, trouble sleeping, increased blood pressure, etc. When your body is “stuck” in its stressful mode (sympathetic), certain functions of the body are unable to proceed. Functions, of digestion, going to the bathroom, and immune responses, to name a few, are unable to function as they were designed.

Stressors generally fall into 3 main categories, physical, chemical and emotional. Most of the time, the word stress is associated with emotional stress. “I’m stressed out,” is a common phrase we hear, typically describing the speaker’s emotional state. Though they’re often overlooked, the physical and chemical components are closely linked to the emotional component.

At the Elevated Health Center, our treatment seeks to address all three facets of stress in order to give each individual a more comprehensive assessment. We have found that integrating treatment options that affect the three areas affords faster and longer lasting changes in the individual. We utilize various means in order to assess the stresses being placed on your nervous system, and to help alleviate the causes of your feeling “stressed out”.

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