How To Stop Bed Wetting Naturally with Chiropractic Care

Can a Chiropractor Stop Bed Wetting Naturally?

Bed wetting isn’t just the result of potty training gone awry. There are a number of physiological reasons for the condition. Many parents are surprised to learn that pediatric chiropractic care offers the potential to give their child the “dry nights” they’ve been hoping and praying for. It’s also a godsend for kids who are embarrassed by their own inability to avoid bed-wetting incidents.

Many parents have tried almost everything else before they come to us. They simply do not realize just how helpful this mode of care can be! Read on to learn why chiropractic care might be the best solution for bed wetting.

How can a chiropractor possibly address bed wetting?

In order to answer this question, I’m going to need to give you a brief anatomy lesson.

Several nerves feed into the bladder system, and into the muscles that control elimination. Your child’s brain sends messages via certain nerves that are responsible for sending the signals that tell us when it’s time to head to the restroom—after all, if you couldn’t feel the pain and pressure that tells you your bladder is filling then how would you know you were about to have an accident? There are two sets of nerves that do this: the sacral parasympathetic nerves, which radiate from the tailbone, and the second lumbar nerve, located in the lumbar area between your ribcage and your pelvis.

It’s easy to see, then, how a spinal subluxation can compresses or pinches any of these nerves could lead to bed wetting. While the child is awake he or she is still able to detect the signals that tell them it’s time to go. But those signals may be weaker than they should be even while he or she is awake. When he or she is asleep, the child has virtually no chance to respond.

How long will it take to address bed wetting?

It depends on how much correction your child’s spine needs. We provide state-of-the-art scanning technologies that allow us to assess your child’s nervous system. Are there areas of his or her spine that are overactive? The findings from these scans lay the foundation for recommended treatment going forward. Some children need to come in for a few months; others will need fewer adjustments, or more. Generally, if spinal problems are causing the bed wetting in the first place then chiropractic care can resolve the problem within these few months.

When you come to my office I’ll offer a plan that you can use for guidance. Many of my patients start seeing improvements after a few short weeks of receiving chiropractic adjustments, even if it takes a little longer to resolve the bed wetting entirely.

Are spinal problems the cause of all bed wetting?

No. Spinal misalignment may be the sole cause, or it may simply exacerbate a cause that’s already there. There are also children whose bed wetting problems have nothing at all to do with the spine. Other anatomical or psychological problems could be involved. Bed wetting can sometimes be a symptom of diabetes or other diseases.

Chiropractic care would be unable to fully resolve bed wetting that results from these underlying problems, though it could be an additional tool in the toolbox for children who have spinal issues and other problems.

Do any studies support chiropractic care for bed wetting?

A Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapy study in 2009 discovered a 66.6% resolution rate within 1 year in 33 consecutive children and teenagers that experienced bed wetting before beginning chiropractic care. It’s certainly more than possible to find stories about parents and children who have received relief from the stress of nightly bed wetting by trying chiropractic care.

Of course, there are also studies which say chiropractic care doesn’t make a difference one way or the other.

The question is whether or not chiropractic care can help your child. If chiropractic care brings the relief you need, will you really care that some die-hard traditional medicine advocate comes out with a study decrying the use of chiropractic care for nocturnal enuresis? Of course not. You’ll just be happy that your child can finally attend that sleepover, and that you don’t have a big mess to clean up every single morning.

If you’ve ruled out other causes for bed wetting, chiropractic care is worth considering. I’ve got plenty of patients who will tell you just how much it helped their child.

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